Check Your Site Performance Online

Check Your Site Performance Online

What is Site Performance?

Site performance is a method to measure how fast your site load on desktop and mobile device. Most of the techniques are similar both some are specific to mobile. This method also known as Web Performance Optimization or Website optimization.

Steve Souders coined web performance term around 2004. Long before people optimize website by optimizing the backend apps, optimizing hardware, look for packet loss etc. Web Performace techniques try a different approach where it try to make the site load faster and displayed faster so it will give better experience to user.

Checking Your Site Perfomance

Of course you don’t have to guess regarding your site performance. You can check your site performance using online tools. These sites not only assess your site but also gives you tips and even tutorial on how you can improve your site performance. These are five online tools that you can use to check your site performance.

Google PageSpeed

The first one of course PageSpeed tool from Google. Google PageSpeed assess your site two different perspective, desktop and mobile. Most of the check list apply for both desktop and mobile, some of them specific to mobile like tap size.
Site Performance Checking with GooglePageSpeed

You can see sample of Google PageSpeed result below. You can get your site valued up to 100. Not only giving you value but Google PageSpeed also give detail on what to improve and how-to improve for each item.

Previously there are plugins for both Chrome and Firefox but the plugins deprecated and Pagespeed Insight only available in online version.


GTmetrix test for pagespeed and YSlow value of your site. It have details for every point of your site performance and also give advice what you can do to increase your site performance
Site Performance Checking with GTmetrix



You might already know about pingdom for its site uptime checker but Pingdom also have it’s own site performance checker. You’ll get waterfall graphic that show how good your site perform


Webpagetest gives you more options about the testing iteself, you can select your test location and also your browser. You can even choose the internet connection simulation so you’ll know how is your site performance from your visitor perspective when they use slow conenction.




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