How To Install Rust On Ubuntu 16.04

Overview What is Rust? Quoting Rust website: Rust is a system programming language that runs blazingly fast, prevent segfaults and guarantees thread safety. Several features of Rust language: zero-cost abstraction move semantics guarantted memory safety threads without data races trait-based generics Pattern matching Type inference Minimal runtime Efficient C bindings In this tutorial we’ll learn … Read more

How to Use Clojure on Ubuntu 16.04

What is Clojure Clojure is a dialect of Lisp programming language running on Java Virtual Machine (JVM) and Common Language Runtime. Clojure treats code as data, it also have macro system. Currently the development process is community-driven overseen by Rich Hicket as BDFL. Clojure used by companies like Puppet, Walmart and Funding Circle. In this … Read more

How To Install IBM Java 7 on Ubuntu 16.04

Overview In this tutorial we’ll learn how-to install IBM java 7 and IBM Java 7 Update 1 on Ubuntu 16.04 (Xenial Xerus). IBM Java or IBM SDK, Java Technology Edition Version 7 is a Java Development Kit provided by IBM that is compatible with Oracle Java 7. We can Download the latest version of IBM … Read more

How to Install Go on Ubuntu 16.04

Overview Go or Golang is a relatively new programming language originally developed by Google that gaining a lot of popularity for the last few years. Kubernetes and Docker is sample of application written in Go. You can see list of application and companies using Go in GoUsers page. You can also visit golang website to … Read more