AWS Certificate Manager


Use Cases



Does AWS ACM certificate cost money?

The AWS ACM public certificate is free, you only pay for the AWS resource that is using the certificate, for example Load Balancer.

The AWS ACM Private CA is not free. You have to pay for the private CA operation and also certificate issued.

Is AWS ACM by region?

Yes ACM is a regional service. You have to create a certificate on each region where you plan to use it for your AWS resources.

Can you use AWS ACM certificate with EC2?

You cannot use AWS ACM public certificate in EC2 instance since you cannot export the certificate.

You can use AWS ACM private certificate issued by AWS ACM Private CA by exporting the certificate and use it on your EC2 instance.

How often does AWS validate ACM DNS Record?

ACM periodically validate the DNS records.

Can you create/add AWS ACM certificates to non AWS domains?

Yes. You don’t have to use AWS Route 53 domains to be able to use AWS ACM certificate. After creating the ACM certificate you have to create DNS record for validation on your provider so ACM can continue issuing the certificate.

How AWS ACM with north virginia affect my regional resources?

AWS ACM in North Virginia (us-east-1) doesn’t affect regional resource but it affect and needed by global resource like AWS Cloudfront.

How to use AWS ACM certificates with Load Balancers (ELB/ALB/NLB)?

How to use AWS ACM from another region?

ACM is regional service. You have to create ACM certificate on each region.

How to validate AWS ACM?

Create a CNAME record as instructed by AWS ACM.

Can you export AWS ACM certificate?

No, AWS ACM can only be used in AWS resources like AWS Load balancers

How long does an AWS ACM certificate last?

The validity of and AWS ACM certificate is 13 months (395 days)

How to install ACM certificate to EC2 Instance in AWS?

We cannot download ACM public certificate so we cannot install ACM certificate to EC2 instance.

How to add CNAME in godaddy for AWS ACM?

On AWS ACM do you need the period at the end of name and value?

No, you don’t need to add trailing period for name and value.

How do you use AWS ACM with WordPress?

You can put ALB / ELB in front of EC2 instances hosting your WordPress and use the AWS ACM on the ALB / ELB.

As alternative, you can also use AWS ACM private certificate, export the certificate and use it on the web server on your EC2 instance that is hosting your WordPress.