AWS Service Prefix (A Complete List)

AWS Service Prefix is a prefix or namespace used by AWS service. Service Prefix groups IAM related action for specific service.

What is AWS Service Prefix

AWS Service Prefix is a prefix or namespace used by AWS service. Service Prefix groups IAM related action for specific service. For example, Amazon S3 has service prefix S3. Under this prefix, there is action like s3:GetObject.

We can use service prefix on IAM policy or another AWS Organization policy like Service Control Policy (SCP) or Tag Policy.

List of AWS Service Prefix

In the table below you can find a complete list of AWS service prefix. On the right column there is also link to AWS documentation that contain action and condition for each service.

Service NameService PrefixDocumentation
AWS Account ManagementaccountAWS Account Management
AWS ActivateactivateAWS Activate
Alexa for Businessa4bAlexa for Business
AWS AmplifyamplifyAWS Amplify
AWS Amplify AdminamplifybackendAWS Amplify Admin
AWS Amplify UI BuilderamplifyuibuilderAWS Amplify UI Builder
Apache Kafka APIs for Amazon MSK clusterskafka-clusterApache Kafka APIs for Amazon MSK clusters
Amazon API Gatewayexecute-apiAmazon API Gateway
Amazon API Gateway ManagementapigatewayAmazon API Gateway Management
Amazon API Gateway Management V2apigatewayAmazon API Gateway Management V2
AWS App MeshappmeshAWS App Mesh
AWS App Mesh Previewappmesh-previewAWS App Mesh Preview
AWS App RunnerapprunnerAWS App Runner
AWS AppConfigappconfigAWS AppConfig
Amazon AppFlowappflowAmazon AppFlow
Amazon AppIntegrationsapp-integrationsAmazon AppIntegrations
AWS Application Auto Scalingapplication-autoscalingAWS Application Auto Scaling
AWS Application Cost Profiler Serviceapplication-cost-profilerAWS Application Cost Profiler Service
Application DiscoverydiscoveryApplication Discovery
Application Discovery ArsenalarsenalApplication Discovery Arsenal
AWS Application Migration ServicemgnAWS Application Migration Service
Amazon AppStream 2.0appstreamAmazon AppStream 2.0
AWS AppSyncappsyncAWS AppSync
AWS ArtifactartifactAWS Artifact
Amazon AthenaathenaAmazon Athena
AWS Audit ManagerauditmanagerAWS Audit Manager
AWS Auto Scalingautoscaling-plansAWS Auto Scaling
AWS BackupbackupAWS Backup
AWS Backup Gatewaybackup-gatewayAWS Backup Gateway
AWS Backup storagebackup-storageAWS Backup storage
AWS BatchbatchAWS Batch
AWS Billing and Cost Managementaws-portalAWS Billing and Cost Management
AWS Billing and Cost Management ConductorbillingconductorAWS Billing and Cost Management Conductor
Amazon BraketbraketAmazon Braket
AWS Budget ServicebudgetsAWS Budget Service
AWS BugBustbugbustAWS BugBust
AWS Certificate ManageracmAWS Certificate Manager
AWS Certificate Manager Private Certificate Authorityacm-pcaAWS Certificate Manager Private Certificate Authority
AWS ChatbotchatbotAWS Chatbot
Amazon ChimechimeAmazon Chime
AWS Cloud Control APIcloudformationAWS Cloud Control API
Amazon Cloud DirectoryclouddirectoryAmazon Cloud Directory
AWS Cloud MapservicediscoveryAWS Cloud Map
AWS Cloud9cloud9AWS Cloud9
AWS CloudFormationcloudformationAWS CloudFormation
Amazon CloudFrontcloudfrontAmazon CloudFront
AWS CloudHSMcloudhsmAWS CloudHSM
Amazon CloudSearchcloudsearchAmazon CloudSearch
AWS CloudShellcloudshellAWS CloudShell
AWS CloudTrailcloudtrailAWS CloudTrail
Amazon CloudWatchcloudwatchAmazon CloudWatch
CloudWatch Application InsightsapplicationinsightsCloudWatch Application Insights
Amazon CloudWatch EvidentlyevidentlyAmazon CloudWatch Evidently
Amazon CloudWatch LogslogsAmazon CloudWatch Logs
AWS CloudWatch RUMrumAWS CloudWatch RUM
Amazon CloudWatch SyntheticssyntheticsAmazon CloudWatch Synthetics
AWS CodeArtifactcodeartifactAWS CodeArtifact
AWS CodeBuildcodebuildAWS CodeBuild
AWS CodeCommitcodecommitAWS CodeCommit
AWS CodeDeploycodedeployAWS CodeDeploy
AWS CodeDeploy secure host commands servicecodedeploy-commands-secureAWS CodeDeploy secure host commands service
Amazon CodeGurucodeguruAmazon CodeGuru
Amazon CodeGuru Profilercodeguru-profilerAmazon CodeGuru Profiler
Amazon CodeGuru Reviewercodeguru-reviewerAmazon CodeGuru Reviewer
AWS CodePipelinecodepipelineAWS CodePipeline
AWS CodeStarcodestarAWS CodeStar
AWS CodeStar Connectionscodestar-connectionsAWS CodeStar Connections
AWS CodeStar Notificationscodestar-notificationsAWS CodeStar Notifications
Amazon Cognito Identitycognito-identityAmazon Cognito Identity
Amazon Cognito Synccognito-syncAmazon Cognito Sync
Amazon Cognito User Poolscognito-idpAmazon Cognito User Pools
Amazon ComprehendcomprehendAmazon Comprehend
Amazon Comprehend MedicalcomprehendmedicalAmazon Comprehend Medical
AWS Compute Optimizercompute-optimizerAWS Compute Optimizer
AWS ConfigconfigAWS Config
Amazon ConnectconnectAmazon Connect
Amazon Connect Customer ProfilesprofileAmazon Connect Customer Profiles
Amazon Connect Voice IDvoiceidAmazon Connect Voice ID
Amazon Connect WisdomwisdomAmazon Connect Wisdom
AWS Connector ServiceawsconnectorAWS Connector Service
AWS Control TowercontroltowerAWS Control Tower
AWS Cost and Usage ReportcurAWS Cost and Usage Report
AWS Cost Explorer ServiceceAWS Cost Explorer Service
AWS Data ExchangedataexchangeAWS Data Exchange
Amazon Data Lifecycle ManagerdlmAmazon Data Lifecycle Manager
Data PipelinedatapipelineData Pipeline
AWS Database Migration ServicedmsAWS Database Migration Service
Database Query Metadata ServicedbqmsDatabase Query Metadata Service
AWS DeepComposerdeepcomposerAWS DeepComposer
AWS DeepLensdeeplensAWS DeepLens
AWS DeepRacerdeepracerAWS DeepRacer
Amazon DetectivedetectiveAmazon Detective
AWS Device FarmdevicefarmAWS Device Farm
Amazon DevOps Gurudevops-guruAmazon DevOps Guru
AWS Direct ConnectdirectconnectAWS Direct Connect
AWS Directory ServicedsAWS Directory Service
Amazon DynamoDBdynamodbAmazon DynamoDB
Amazon DynamoDB Accelerator (DAX)daxAmazon DynamoDB Accelerator (DAX)
Amazon EC2ec2Amazon EC2
Amazon EC2 Auto ScalingautoscalingAmazon EC2 Auto Scaling
Amazon EC2 Image BuilderimagebuilderAmazon EC2 Image Builder
Amazon EC2 Instance Connectec2-instance-connectAmazon EC2 Instance Connect
AWS Elastic BeanstalkelasticbeanstalkAWS Elastic Beanstalk
Amazon Elastic Block StoreebsAmazon Elastic Block Store
Amazon Elastic Container RegistryecrAmazon Elastic Container Registry
Amazon Elastic Container Registry Publicecr-publicAmazon Elastic Container Registry Public
Amazon Elastic Container ServiceecsAmazon Elastic Container Service
AWS Elastic Disaster RecoverydrsAWS Elastic Disaster Recovery
Amazon Elastic File SystemelasticfilesystemAmazon Elastic File System
Amazon Elastic Inferenceelastic-inferenceAmazon Elastic Inference
Amazon Elastic Kubernetes ServiceeksAmazon Elastic Kubernetes Service
Elastic Load BalancingelasticloadbalancingElastic Load Balancing
Elastic Load Balancing V2elasticloadbalancingElastic Load Balancing V2
Amazon Elastic MapReduceelasticmapreduceAmazon Elastic MapReduce
Amazon Elastic TranscoderelastictranscoderAmazon Elastic Transcoder
Amazon ElastiCacheelasticacheAmazon ElastiCache
AWS Elemental Appliances and Softwareelemental-appliances-softwareAWS Elemental Appliances and Software
AWS Elemental Appliances and Software Activation Serviceelemental-activationsAWS Elemental Appliances and Software Activation Service
AWS Elemental MediaConnectmediaconnectAWS Elemental MediaConnect
AWS Elemental MediaConvertmediaconvertAWS Elemental MediaConvert
AWS Elemental MediaLivemedialiveAWS Elemental MediaLive
AWS Elemental MediaPackagemediapackageAWS Elemental MediaPackage
AWS Elemental MediaPackage VODmediapackage-vodAWS Elemental MediaPackage VOD
AWS Elemental MediaStoremediastoreAWS Elemental MediaStore
AWS Elemental MediaTailormediatailorAWS Elemental MediaTailor
Elemental Support Caseselemental-support-casesElemental Support Cases
Elemental Support Contentelemental-support-contentElemental Support Content
Amazon EMR on EKS (EMR Containers)emr-containersAmazon EMR on EKS (EMR Containers)
Amazon EventBridgeeventsAmazon EventBridge
Amazon EventBridge SchemasschemasAmazon EventBridge Schemas
AWS Fault Injection SimulatorfisAWS Fault Injection Simulator
Amazon FinSpacefinspaceAmazon FinSpace
AWS Firewall ManagerfmsAWS Firewall Manager
Amazon ForecastforecastAmazon Forecast
Amazon Fraud DetectorfrauddetectorAmazon Fraud Detector
Amazon FreeRTOSfreertosAmazon FreeRTOS
Amazon FSxfsxAmazon FSx
Amazon GameLiftgameliftAmazon GameLift
Amazon GameSparksgamesparksAmazon GameSparks
Amazon GlacierglacierAmazon Glacier
AWS Global AcceleratorglobalacceleratorAWS Global Accelerator
AWS GlueglueAWS Glue
AWS Glue DataBrewdatabrewAWS Glue DataBrew
AWS Ground StationgroundstationAWS Ground Station
Amazon GroundTruth LabelinggroundtruthlabelingAmazon GroundTruth Labeling
Amazon GuardDutyguarddutyAmazon GuardDuty
AWS Health APIs and NotificationshealthAWS Health APIs and Notifications
Amazon HealthLakehealthlakeAmazon HealthLake
High-volume outbound communicationsconnect-campaignsHigh-volume outbound communications
Amazon HoneycodehoneycodeAmazon Honeycode
AWS IAM Access Analyzeraccess-analyzerAWS IAM Access Analyzer
Identity And Access ManagementiamIdentity And Access Management
AWS Identity StoreidentitystoreAWS Identity Store
AWS Identity Synchronization Serviceidentity-syncAWS Identity Synchronization Service
AWS Import Export Disk ServiceimportexportAWS Import Export Disk Service
Amazon InspectorinspectorAmazon Inspector
Amazon Inspector2inspector2Amazon Inspector2
Amazon Interactive Video ServiceivsAmazon Interactive Video Service
AWS IoT 1-Clickiot1clickAWS IoT 1-Click
AWS IoT AnalyticsiotanalyticsAWS IoT Analytics
AWS IoT Core Device AdvisoriotdeviceadvisorAWS IoT Core Device Advisor
AWS IoT Core for LoRaWANiotwirelessAWS IoT Core for LoRaWAN
AWS IoT Device Testeriot-device-testerAWS IoT Device Tester
AWS IoT EventsioteventsAWS IoT Events
AWS IoT Fleet Hub for Device ManagementiotfleethubAWS IoT Fleet Hub for Device Management
AWS IoT FleetWiseiotfleetwiseAWS IoT FleetWise
AWS IoT GreengrassgreengrassAWS IoT Greengrass
AWS IoT Greengrass V2greengrassAWS IoT Greengrass V2
AWS IoT RoboRunneriotroborunnerAWS IoT RoboRunner
AWS IoT SiteWiseiotsitewiseAWS IoT SiteWise
AWS IoT Things GraphiotthingsgraphAWS IoT Things Graph
AWS IoT TwinMakeriottwinmakerAWS IoT TwinMaker
AWS IQ Permissionsiq-permissionAWS IQ Permissions
Amazon KendrakendraAmazon Kendra
AWS Key Management ServicekmsAWS Key Management Service
Amazon Keyspaces (for Apache Cassandra)cassandraAmazon Keyspaces (for Apache Cassandra)
Amazon KinesiskinesisAmazon Kinesis
Amazon Kinesis AnalyticskinesisanalyticsAmazon Kinesis Analytics
Amazon Kinesis Analytics V2kinesisanalyticsAmazon Kinesis Analytics V2
Amazon Kinesis FirehosefirehoseAmazon Kinesis Firehose
Amazon Kinesis Video StreamskinesisvideoAmazon Kinesis Video Streams
AWS Lake FormationlakeformationAWS Lake Formation
AWS LambdalambdaAWS Lambda
Launch WizardlaunchwizardLaunch Wizard
Amazon LexlexAmazon Lex
Amazon Lex V2lexAmazon Lex V2
AWS License Managerlicense-managerAWS License Manager
Amazon LightsaillightsailAmazon Lightsail
Amazon LocationgeoAmazon Location
Amazon Lookout for EquipmentlookoutequipmentAmazon Lookout for Equipment
Amazon Lookout for MetricslookoutmetricsAmazon Lookout for Metrics
Amazon Lookout for VisionlookoutvisionAmazon Lookout for Vision
Amazon Machine LearningmachinelearningAmazon Machine Learning
Amazon Maciemacie2Amazon Macie
Amazon Macie ClassicmacieAmazon Macie Classic
Amazon Managed BlockchainmanagedblockchainAmazon Managed Blockchain
Amazon Managed GrafanagrafanaAmazon Managed Grafana
Amazon Managed Service for PrometheusapsAmazon Managed Service for Prometheus
Amazon Managed Streaming for Apache KafkakafkaAmazon Managed Streaming for Apache Kafka
Amazon Managed Streaming for Kafka ConnectkafkaconnectAmazon Managed Streaming for Kafka Connect
Amazon Managed Workflows for Apache AirflowairflowAmazon Managed Workflows for Apache Airflow
AWS Marketplaceaws-marketplaceAWS Marketplace
AWS Marketplace Catalogaws-marketplaceAWS Marketplace Catalog
AWS Marketplace Commerce Analytics ServicemarketplacecommerceanalyticsAWS Marketplace Commerce Analytics Service
AWS Marketplace Entitlement Serviceaws-marketplaceAWS Marketplace Entitlement Service
AWS Marketplace Image Building Serviceaws-marketplaceAWS Marketplace Image Building Service
AWS Marketplace Management Portalaws-marketplace-managementAWS Marketplace Management Portal
AWS Marketplace Metering Serviceaws-marketplaceAWS Marketplace Metering Service
AWS Marketplace Private Marketplaceaws-marketplaceAWS Marketplace Private Marketplace
AWS Marketplace Procurement Systems Integrationaws-marketplaceAWS Marketplace Procurement Systems Integration
Amazon Mechanical TurkmechanicalturkAmazon Mechanical Turk
Amazon MemoryDBmemorydbAmazon MemoryDB
Amazon Message Delivery Serviceec2messagesAmazon Message Delivery Service
AWS Microservice Extractor for .NETserviceextractAWS Microservice Extractor for .NET
AWS Migration HubmghAWS Migration Hub
AWS Migration Hub Refactor Spacesrefactor-spacesAWS Migration Hub Refactor Spaces
AWS Migration Hub Strategy Recommendations.migrationhub-strategyAWS Migration Hub Strategy Recommendations.
Amazon Mobile AnalyticsmobileanalyticsAmazon Mobile Analytics
AWS Mobile HubmobilehubAWS Mobile Hub
Amazon MonitronmonitronAmazon Monitron
Amazon MQmqAmazon MQ
Amazon Neptuneneptune-dbAmazon Neptune
AWS Network Firewallnetwork-firewallAWS Network Firewall
Network ManagernetworkmanagerNetwork Manager
Amazon Nimble StudionimbleAmazon Nimble Studio
Amazon OpenSearch Service (successor to Amazon Elasticsearch Service)esAmazon OpenSearch Service (successor to Amazon Elasticsearch Service)
AWS OpsWorksopsworksAWS OpsWorks
AWS OpsWorks Configuration Managementopsworks-cmAWS OpsWorks Configuration Management
AWS OrganizationsorganizationsAWS Organizations
AWS OutpostsoutpostsAWS Outposts
AWS PanoramapanoramaAWS Panorama
AWS Performance InsightspiAWS Performance Insights
Amazon PersonalizepersonalizeAmazon Personalize
Amazon PinpointmobiletargetingAmazon Pinpoint
Amazon Pinpoint Email ServicesesAmazon Pinpoint Email Service
Amazon Pinpoint SMS and Voice Servicesms-voiceAmazon Pinpoint SMS and Voice Service
Amazon Pinpoint SMS Voice V2sms-voiceAmazon Pinpoint SMS Voice V2
Amazon PollypollyAmazon Polly
AWS Price ListpricingAWS Price List
AWS ProtonprotonAWS Proton
AWS Purchase Orders Consolepurchase-ordersAWS Purchase Orders Console
Amazon QLDBqldbAmazon QLDB
Amazon QuickSightquicksightAmazon QuickSight
Amazon RDSrdsAmazon RDS
Amazon RDS Data APIrds-dataAmazon RDS Data API
Amazon RDS IAM Authenticationrds-dbAmazon RDS IAM Authentication
Recycle BinrbinRecycle Bin
Amazon RedshiftredshiftAmazon Redshift
Amazon Redshift Data APIredshift-dataAmazon Redshift Data API
Amazon RekognitionrekognitionAmazon Rekognition
AWS Resilience Hub ServiceresiliencehubAWS Resilience Hub Service
AWS Resource Access ManagerramAWS Resource Access Manager
Amazon Resource Group Tagging APItagAmazon Resource Group Tagging API
AWS Resource Groupsresource-groupsAWS Resource Groups
Amazon RHEL Knowledgebase PortalrhelkbAmazon RHEL Knowledgebase Portal
AWS RoboMakerrobomakerAWS RoboMaker
Amazon Route 53route53Amazon Route 53
Amazon Route 53 Domainsroute53domainsAmazon Route 53 Domains
Amazon Route 53 Recovery Clusterroute53-recovery-clusterAmazon Route 53 Recovery Cluster
Amazon Route 53 Recovery Controlsroute53-recovery-control-configAmazon Route 53 Recovery Controls
Amazon Route 53 Recovery Readinessroute53-recovery-readinessAmazon Route 53 Recovery Readiness
Amazon Route 53 Resolverroute53resolverAmazon Route 53 Resolver
Amazon S3s3Amazon S3
Amazon S3 Object Lambdas3-object-lambdaAmazon S3 Object Lambda
Amazon S3 on Outpostss3-outpostsAmazon S3 on Outposts
Amazon SageMakersagemakerAmazon SageMaker
AWS Savings PlanssavingsplansAWS Savings Plans
AWS Secrets ManagersecretsmanagerAWS Secrets Manager
AWS Security HubsecurityhubAWS Security Hub
AWS Security Token ServicestsAWS Security Token Service
AWS Server Migration ServicesmsAWS Server Migration Service
AWS Serverless Application RepositoryserverlessrepoAWS Serverless Application Repository
AWS Service CatalogservicecatalogAWS Service Catalog
Service QuotasservicequotasService Quotas
Amazon SESsesAmazon SES
Amazon Session Manager Message Gateway ServicessmmessagesAmazon Session Manager Message Gateway Service
AWS ShieldshieldAWS Shield
AWS SignersignerAWS Signer
Amazon Simple Email Service v2sesAmazon Simple Email Service v2
Amazon Simple Workflow ServiceswfAmazon Simple Workflow Service
Amazon SimpleDBsdbAmazon SimpleDB
AWS Snow Device Managementsnow-device-managementAWS Snow Device Management
AWS SnowballsnowballAWS Snowball
Amazon SNSsnsAmazon SNS
AWS SQL WorkbenchsqlworkbenchAWS SQL Workbench
Amazon SQSsqsAmazon SQS
AWS SSO Directorysso-directoryAWS SSO Directory
AWS Step FunctionsstatesAWS Step Functions
Amazon Storage GatewaystoragegatewayAmazon Storage Gateway
Amazon SumeriansumerianAmazon Sumerian
AWS SupportsupportAWS Support
AWS SustainabilitysustainabilityAWS Sustainability
AWS Systems ManagerssmAWS Systems Manager
AWS Systems Manager GUI Connectssm-guiconnectAWS Systems Manager GUI Connect
AWS Systems Manager Incident Managerssm-incidentsAWS Systems Manager Incident Manager
AWS Systems Manager Incident Manager Contactsssm-contactsAWS Systems Manager Incident Manager Contacts
AWS Tag Editorresource-explorerAWS Tag Editor
AWS Tax SettingstaxAWS Tax Settings
Amazon TextracttextractAmazon Textract
Amazon TimestreamtimestreamAmazon Timestream
AWS TirostirosAWS Tiros
Amazon TranscribetranscribeAmazon Transcribe
AWS Transfer FamilytransferAWS Transfer Family
Amazon TranslatetranslateAmazon Translate
AWS Trusted AdvisortrustedadvisorAWS Trusted Advisor
AWS WAF Regionalwaf-regionalAWS WAF Regional
AWS Well-Architected ToolwellarchitectedAWS Well-Architected Tool
Amazon WorkDocsworkdocsAmazon WorkDocs
Amazon WorkLinkworklinkAmazon WorkLink
Amazon WorkMailworkmailAmazon WorkMail
Amazon WorkMail Message FlowworkmailmessageflowAmazon WorkMail Message Flow
Amazon WorkSpacesworkspacesAmazon WorkSpaces
Amazon WorkSpaces Application ManagerwamAmazon WorkSpaces Application Manager
Amazon WorkSpaces Webworkspaces-webAmazon WorkSpaces Web
AWS X-RayxrayAWS X-Ray