How To Install Zoom on Linux Mint 20


In this tutorial we will learn how to install zoom on Linux Mint 20. Zoom is an online conference call and webinar software. Zoom gets popularity boost at the start of Covid-19 pandemic where everyone is force to work and learn from home.

Install Zoom on Linux Mint 20

First of all, let’s update our Linux mint apt-metadata

sudo apt update

After updating apt metadata, we can download zoom deb package using wget or curl. To use wget we can use the command below.

wget -c

To use curl we can use the command below.

curl -o zoom_amd64.deb

The download duration will depends on your internet connection. After the download finished, we can install zoom on Linux mint 20 using command below

sudo apt install ./zoom_amd64.deb

Press y to continue the installation process.

After installing zoom client you can open zoom from the application menu or calling from terminal using command below

zoom &

The ampersand(&) symbol above will put zoom application running on background


In this tutorial we learned how to install Zoom on Linux Mint 20. Having zoom on your Linux Mint 20 Desktop will enable you to make a call or join webinar without having to leave your Linux Mint machine.

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