How To Install Zoom on Ubuntu


In this tutorial we learn how to install Zoom on Ubuntu Linux. This tutorial is using Ubuntu 20.04 but you can follow this tutorial in previous version of Ubuntu like Ubuntu 18.04 or later version like Ubuntu 21.04.

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Install Zoom Using dpkg

First, download the Zoom deb package using wget command below


Second, we install the zoom_amd64.deb using the command below

sudo apt install ./zoom_amd64.deb

Starting Zoom

To start Zoom on Ubuntu Linux, you can go to Applications -> Internet -> zoom. The zoom application will open.

Uninstall Zoom

To uninstall Zoom, we can use the command below:

sudo apt remove zoom

Or we can also use apt-get to remove zoom using the command below

sudo apt-get remove zoom


In this tutorial we learn how to install Zoom on Ubuntu.

2 thoughts on “How To Install Zoom on Ubuntu”

  1. I had to use Zoom during the Pandemic. The installation is straight forward and easy. The real problem is with updating. You won’t know you need to update until you open Zoom for the meeting and when you try to join the meeting you won’t be able to because it will only then tell you to update. You must download the new package, remove the old package and then install the new package. If you must use Zoom check the version a bit before your meeting so that you don’t miss half the meeting updating Zoom.


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