Linux whoami Command


In this tutorial we will learn how to use whoami command in Linux.

whoami is a command which the user name associated with the current effective user ID. This command similar to running id command with -un option.

whoami Syntax

whoami [OPTION]...

Getting help for whoami

To get help for whoami command we can run the command below.

whoami --help
Linux whoami command - help

We can also read man page and infopage for whoami by running the command below.

man whoami
linux whoami command - man page
info whoami
Linux whoami command - info page

Invoking whoami

to run whoami, we can just run whoami with no option, it will print our username. For example:

$ whoami

Linux whoami Command Source Code

You can find whoami command source code from the following repositories:

Video Tutorial


In this tutorial we learn how to use whoami command in Linux with practical examples. Visit our Linux Commands guide to learn more about using command line interface in Linux.

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