10 Sites To Check Your DNS Health

Why DNS Health?

Domain Name System or DNS is a global hierarchical distributed naming system for computer and or services. This service translate domain name to IP Address. For example, google.com to

DNS plays a really important part of our internet precense. When people cannot resolve our domain they cannot view our website and send email to our domain. Not only this but most service is actually depend on domain name for user to access. All of the service will fail if the domain name server is not healthy. It doesn’t mean that the other service is down but users cannot access it normally since it cannot resolve the domain correctly

DNS change is a simple process that actually need planning, for example when you move your website to new server with different IP address you have to change the A record for your website. Before you make the changes, you have to make sure that the time to live (TTL) is as low as possible. In this article we’ll see 10 DNS health checker alternatives that we can use. Their service is mostly similar but some of them provide unique service related to DNS checking

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Check Your Site Performance Online

What is Site Performance?

Site performance is a method to measure how fast your site loads on desktop and mobile devices. Most of the techniques are similar both some are specific to mobile. This method is also known as Web Performance Optimization or Website optimization.

Steve Souders coined web performance term around 2004. Long before people optimize the website by optimizing the backend apps, optimizing hardware, look for packet loss, etc. Web Performace techniques try a different approach where it tries to make the site load faster and displayed faster so it will give a better experience to the user.

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