Check Your Site Performance Online

What is Site Performance?

Site performance is a method to measure how fast your site loads on desktop and mobile devices. Most of the techniques are similar both some are specific to mobile. This method is also known as Web Performance Optimization or Website optimization.

Steve Souders coined web performance term around 2004. Long before people optimize the website by optimizing the backend apps, optimizing hardware, look for packet loss, etc. Web Performace techniques try a different approach where it tries to make the site load faster and displayed faster so it will give a better experience to the user.

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The HeartBleed Bug

Two days ago new OpenSSL Security Advisory was released title TLS heartbeat read overrun (CVE-2014-0160) OpenSSL 1.0.1 to 1.0.1f and 1.0.2beta1 are affected. Old version like 0.98 is not affected by this bug. This bug is also known as Heartbleed bug.

Free eBook: Stopping Zero Day Exploits for Dummies

Need more reading on Security, this book is for you. Stopping Zero Day Exploits for Dummies : Zero-day malware attacks and advanced persistent threats (APTs) are growing, serious threats to organizations. Cybercriminal organizations seem to be more motivated (and more skilled) every day. Malware’s advanced evasion techniques are making detection solutions ineffective for preventing infections. … Read more

How-to Configure VMware ESXi 5 SNMP Service

You might want to monitor your ESXi server host from a monitoring application and need SNMP for it. By default SNMP on VMware ESXi is not enabled and you need to use VMware CLI to enable and configure VMware ESXi5 SNMP. First of all download and install VMware vSphere CLI 5.0 After installing VMware vSphere … Read more