PostgreSQL Sample Database

PostgreSQL sample database with step-by-step guide on how to impor and use the data


This page contains various PostgreSQL sample data.

jOOQ postgresql-sakila-db


Price Paid Data from HM Land Registry

Download the csv file using the command below:

wget -c

Login to PostgreSQL installation. Use the query below to create the table

-- Create table:
CREATE TABLE land_registry_price_paid_uk(
  transaction uuid,
  price numeric,
  transfer_date date,
  postcode text,
  property_type char(1),
  newly_built boolean,
  duration char(1),
  paon text,
  saon text,
  street text,
  locality text,
  city text,
  district text,
  county text,
  ppd_category_type char(1),
  record_status char(1));

Import the data to PostgreSQL

-- Copy CSV data, with appropriate munging:
COPY land_registry_price_paid_uk FROM 'pp-complete.csv' with (format csv, encoding 'win1252', header false, null '', quote '"', force_null (postcode, saon, paon, street, locality, city, district));

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